My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nolan's Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Party

This birthday was especially fun because Nolan was so excited!  This years birthday per his request was a Mickey Mouse clubhouse party!  There were cookies and balloons, cake, and games. So much fun for a special boy!  It is so hard to believe how big he is getting.  And every day he gets a little bit sweeter and more kissable if that's even possible.  A little boy with a big heart and a an even bigger imagination.  A little boy that loves his mommy daddy and sister.  He has grown to be articulate, inquisitive, and explorer, proud of his family, and very polite.  Still a tiny tiny tush!  I love you my little big boy!

More pretty faces from our pretty Mace face.


Nolan started pre-school this month and has made lots of new friends.  His teacher Miss Sunny and Miss Ann think despite the age difference between him and the others in the class, Nolan is progressing well.  He loves going to school!  He had a Valentine's Day party and mom volunteered!  

First Words

Our little girl has really started to find her voice.  After conquering "mama" "dada" and "uh oh", Mace has moved on!  To add to her repertoire and in a matter of one week, she has also mastered "paw patrol" or "paw po", "papa", "paci", "all done" and "here you go".  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Donder and Blitzen

Nolan met Santa and got to pet his reindeer!
Nolan also found his name in Santas naughty nice book, it was written in elf script that only Santa could read but we think it may have said "needs to be nicer to sister."  After several meet and greets however I think it's safe to say Nolan has an in with the big man and he should be getting that helicopter he asked for.

Introducing Cindy Lou Who

The cutest little Who on the east side of Whoville, meet our little miss Christmas.  Can she get any cuter?!  Walking all over now she is the meaning of spreading Christmas cheer.

Ande Candy Winklebottom Salzmann

Guess what?!?  Santa sent us our very own elf to watch over Nolan and Macey and report back to Santa!  Ande Candy Winklebottom has gotten into some mischief.  He has unrolled the toilet paper roll, rode in Nolan's cars, flying in toy airplanes, pulled out all the diapers and even was caught sitting on Nolan's big boy potty while trying to make some Hershey kisses.  Nolan just loves his new elf!

So far only good reports to Santa.  Nolan wants lots of presents this year "toys and clothes".