My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Charleston Trip

Completely forgot to blog about our trip to see Chloe!  We had a great time in such beautiful countryside.  Nolan love the beach and still talks about.  Chloe lives in the coolest place on earth according to him.  We visited a plantation and toured downtown Charleston, what a fun time!

Summer 2014 highlights

Halfway to Christmas!  Time to reflect on this summers finest moments.  
A race took place on this fine afternoon in Highland Hills.  Place your bets now for who the winner was.

Macey continues to sleep with her momma.
Nolan shows affection to his sister while waiting for tire rotation at Discount tires.  Something about that place always gets him in a good mood ;)
Macey turns 8 months and smiles about it!
Kara performs operation renovation dad's house and doesn't smile about it!  

Nolan and Macey have fun with Miss Yanda!

Salzmanns 2nd annual 4th of July trip took place.  We went to the North Shore and stayed in Duluth.  Nolan loved the beach, rode on a trolley, and went to a train museum.  He loves vacationing.  Oh and he got his own pan pizza and ate it all when we went out to dinner.  He had a blast!
Rudy and Nolan played a game of fetch with sticks in the water.
The most fun and cheapest entertainment was the fountain on the sidewalk in canal park.
Nolan was not afraid of the "kaboom" this year!
Waiting for the trolley felt like forever.
Macey tried her first shaved ice treat.  :)
Macey sleeps with momma AGAIN.
How many years will this go on for?
Lots of weddings this summer.  Moms cousin Brandon, cousin Sam, Miss Yanda and daddy's friend Casey.
This kid is trouble.  Danced to "I'm sexy and I know it" at the wedding.  :)
Hurray for summer fun!!!

Mace Face

Macey has patented a look, rather an expression, in which I refer to as Mace Face.  You never know when it's coming when it does it is uncanny. I wish I could tell what this face is trying to tell us all?  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just another splash park summer!

Macey's first trip to the splash park!  No sunburn on this little head!

Real men are serious about baseball

JDaddy picked up a special present for Nolan...a new glove and ball that velcrows!  All Nolan has to do is stick his arm in the air and with the perfect aim and a little help from the wind he doesn't have to move a finger!  This guy was catching pop flys all day at Nom Noms garage sale!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Move to Minnesota

I have been so busy.  We just moved to Minnesota and have been here for a week.  Settling in at Great Grandma and Grandpas house.  More updates to come, but we are all adjusting well with new jobs, new home, new nanny, and new state!  Looking forward to summer and new adventures!  I love my little family :)

Our new pad....