My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Doll Face: The many pretty faces of our Miss Mace.

Sweet potatoes are funny!

Macey tried her very first table food.  Sweet potatoes!!!! And they are funny!!!!!!  Must have been something in the soil that tickled this little girls funny bone.  Giggles all around (and strange faces) while trying out this new delicacy.

First bath together

Who has bigger muscles?

Nolan sure got a kick out of laying in a towel with sissy.  

Our first born.

Fort Salzmann

One of Nolan's date cards read: build a fort.  Nolan has never done this before and at first would only go in if mommy was in there.  This was also Rudy's first fort building and he was totally fearless standing on guard looking intruders.  He is one brave pup!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why you poo poo on Mama's Floor?

Not even a minute from waking up, diaper off and getting bath started...plop! "Nolan!  Did you just poo poo on my floor?!" Nolan: "No!"

Is this where blaming the dog becomes appropriate? 


On this particular day I am feeling blessed.  I look down and see this beautiful little girl and I look to my right and see a handsome little guy.  And I know I have a handsome husband at work right now that is honest, loyal, and a true family man.  I love my little family, an days like these are a reminder to snuggle them a little bit more because they won't be this small forever.